Monthly Archives: January 2011

The People Who Work Here: Donald Brandly, Sales Manager

Ask Donald Brandly what makes a successful business and chances are he will answer “speed and strategy.” Brandly is Sales Manager for Farmer Business Systems in Addison. “My game is tennis,” Donald told us recently.  “And to be a successful tennis player, you have to be able to visualize where the ball will be two […]

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Farmer Business Systems’ Demo Room

It is not often you encounter a Xerox dealer with a full compliment of products to demonstrate.  It is even more rare to find one with the products AND a trained and knowledgeable staff. And they are both here in North Texas. Farmer Business Systems has a full range of Xerox printers and copiers to […]

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Industrial Design Example: The Xerox 7120

The Xerox 7120 LED Multifunction laser color printer is not only a functional device, it looks great. In a recent demo at Farmer Business Systems for a client we were able to showcase this powerful machine.  It’s powerful because it gives small businesses the features that only large companies could have before. But it also […]

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