Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Voice of the Customer: Leu & Associates

Sometimes things just don’t match up.  That new tie doesn’t go with the shirt. The collar doesn’t fit the dog. Your copier doesn’t fit your needs. So it was with Lori A. Leu & Associates, a Plano-based law firm, and their previous office system printer. They had leased a copier-printer and found that it needed […]

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Going the Extra Distance to Meet the Customer

Donald Brandly, Farmer Business Systems’ sales and operations manager, has extensive experience with customers and clients doing business in a variety of industries.  He recently spoke at one of our company meetings and left us with a few notes. “We all talk about going the extra mile for our customers,” Donald said.  But do we […]

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Being a Valued Partner and Not a Vendor

There is a big difference between a vendor who sells you something and a valued, strategic partner who helps you solve a problem. It’s something we here at Farmer Business have learned over the years.  And knowing the difference has helped us transform our business. “When we first meet with a prospective client, we’re not […]

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