Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Voice of the Customer: Liberty Healthcare of Dallas

Trust. Experience. Honesty. Sound like good values.  They are what Zach Syvrud looks for in a business partner, it’s what he practices with his own clients. “Being good to your word means a lot to me,” Zach said. “That’s a big reason I’ve worked with Greg these past 10 years.  He is not only honest, […]

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Just what is a refurbished printer?

Pre-owned, Used. Non-new. Second hand. Experienced. Refurbished. What’s that last one? “We refurbish and put back into service, previously used printers and copiers,” Greg Farmer said. “You can get more of a useful life out of an office machine if you prepare it right and take the care it needs to have a second life,” […]

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The Voice of the Customer: Zaby & Associates, Attorneys

Being remembered is a powerful thing.  Being remembered years after the last time you talked is exceptional. Especially when that time interval is measured in years. Say, 15 years. “I bought a Xerox copier from Greg Farmer’s company in the mid 1990s,” Elizabeth Zaby said. “When I finally needed a new copier a few months […]

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