Monthly Archives: July 2013

Mobile technology and your office systems

Chances are if you are in business today, you are doing more and work from mobile devices. Are your printers and copiers ready for this onslaught of interaction with your staffs’ mobile devices? “By far and away the largest number of requests we have when it comes to configuring new printers for clients are related […]

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Can you answer basic questions about your office systems?

So, you are planning on replacing that copier or printer in your office.  You’ve called the rep of the company you want to do business with and are ready for them to stop by. Or are you really ready? If your rep is really on top of things, they will ask you some critical, fact-finding […]

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Platinum Again!

It seems to happen every year like clockwork.  But that’s what happens when you work hard and are good at what you do. Again this year, Farmer Business Systems has been certified as a Platinum Dealer by Xerox.  This is one of the highest designations bestowed by Xerox onto its dealers and resellers. “We are […]

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