A Workable Inventory System

Keeping your customers happy and productive can be an intricate process.  But if you have the right tools in place, it’s really not all that hard.

Recently, Farmer Business Systems initiated a new inventory system of all copiers and printers sold or leased by the company to its customers.

“We have been working toward this for some time,” Greg Farmer said.  Greg is Founder and Co-Owner of Farmer Business Systems in Addison. “After much study, we found that the best way for us to help our customers was to be in touch with them from the start.”

The system starts with a tag on the machine when it first leaves the shop.  The bar-coded and numbered tag is scanned at each visit to the machine.  This ID coupled with the tracking software installed on the machine will ensure supplies are delivered before they are needed, maintenance is tracked remotely and trouble calls are sent in a timely fashion.

“Just because the machine is ‘wired’ to us, doesn’t mean we will be ignoring our customers,” Taylor Farmer said.  Taylor is Relationship Manager for Farmer Business Systems and visits customers on a regular basis.

“Checking in is what I do,”  Taylor added. “We are proud to be Powered by Xerox and our customers.”

To reach Greg, Taylor or any of the rest of the Farmer Business Systems team, call 972-818-4500.

The Office Farmer