Any Time, Any Place

When you can least afford it, your copier or printer chooses not to cooperate. It has happened to all of us at one time or another and if you don’t have the right help at the right time, deadlines get missed and the quality of your work for your clients suffers.

Recently, our own Thomas Lanier came to the rescue of one of Farmer Business Systems’ key clients.  On a Saturday. With little notice.  And with a smile on his face.

Deborah Louis of Louis Educational Concepts was in a bind.  As she tells it, she was working on a Saturday morning preparing for a flight out to a conference.  She needed printed copies of her work to take with her.  Her copier chose to act up during this critical time. A quick call to Farmer’s and Thomas was on his way.

“Thomas showed up very quickly and dealt with the problem immediately,” Susan Gifford related.  Susan is the account executive at Farmer Business Systems in charge of Deborah’s company and helped work the solution. “Thomas’ attitude and work ethic saved the day for Deborah.  His calm demeanor and quick thinking helped get the machine back on line and helped Deborah meet her deadline with little interruption,” Susan said.

It is responsiveness and professionalism like Thomas’ that keep Farmer Business Systems at the top of the heap, not only in the industry, but in the hearts and minds of their customers.

To reach Susan, Thomas or any of the “Powered by Xerox” Farmer Business Systems team, please call 972-818-4500.

The Office Farmer