Are You Professional or Not?

Recently, our own Marcus Laday presented this as a part of a program to our Farmer team.  You will find it funny, but also enlightening.

To learn about your audience, whether it is coworkers or clients or prospects, try this series of questions sometime.  It will be an eye-opener for all concerned.

Ask your audience to take a little scientific test designed to determine if a person is a professional. Have them write their answers down.

1.         How do you put a giraffe in a refrigerator?

Correct answer:  Open the door and put him in.

2.         How you put an elephant in a refrigerator?

Correct answer:  Take out the giraffe and put in the elephant.

3.         The Lion King is hosting a conference.  All of the local animals are in attendance but one.  Who is not present?

Correct answer:  The elephant, he is still in the refrigerator.

4.         You are slated to be the final speaker at the conference. Unfortunately, to get there you   have to swim a river inhabited by crocodiles.  What do you do?

Correct answer:  You swim; all of the crocodiles are all ready at the conference.

Point: A professional looks for the simplest solution (#1).  Keeps things simple (#2).

Recalls facts (the elephant is still in the refrigerator and thus can’t go to the conference-#3).

And, uses his/her deductive skills in problem solving (the crocodiles are at the conference- #4).  Side note:  most four year olds score 100% on this.

Have some fun with this and see what you can learn about you and those around you.

The Office Farmer