Are you sure that drive is clean?

OK, so you’ve decided to get a new copier.  You’ve made the deal for the new machine and contacted the leasing agent for the old machine and unplugged it, ready for pick up.

Cables disconnected? Check. Paper trays emptied? Check. Hard drive wiped clean?


“Most people don’t realize that their copiers and printers have hard drives with memories,” Greg Farmer said. “It is part of their processor system.  Most users also don’t know they have to clean those drives off before returning a machine off of lease,” he said.

Greg is president and co-founder of Farmer Business Systems, a full-service copier supplier based in Addison.  Farmer Business is an authorized dealer for Xerox, Samsung and Sharp copiers.

“We’ve developed a service that we’ve found is an important offering for our clients and potential clients,” Greg continued.  “Government agencies, law firms, insurance agents, anyone who deals with data that has to remain private has been asking to have their drives cleaned to NIST standards.”

For the cost of an on-site visit, Greg said, his technicians dismantle the copier, reformat the drive and provide the user with a signed certificate.  This process will then allow the copier user to decommission the copier at the end of their lease or disposal of the copier without fear of data being compromised, Greg said.

In addition to requests by his customers, Greg referenced this news report by CBS News that investigated the issue of copier hard drives being scanned for data by identity thieves.

“This is yet another security problem that our customers have to face,” Greg said.  “This is one we are prepared to help them with.”

Greg and other members of the Farmer team can be reached to discuss your hard drive issues and answer other questions about copiers by calling 972-818-4500 or visiting their website.