Buy-Trade-Rent: Selling Your Old Printer

Let’s face it: office equipment gets old, worn out or just plain outdated.  Even if your printer is working, it may lack the latest features that can increase productivity and reduce waste.

“Every printer reaches a time in its life when it becomes obsolete,” Greg Farmer said. “It is just the way technology works.”

Greg is founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems, North Texas’ premiere office solutions provider.  He also buys copiers.

“Many of our customers come to us with an extra or old machine they need to get rid of,” Greg continued.  “While it may not be working, it does have value, either for a direct sale to us or as a trade (we’ll cover that in a future post).”

Once they take in a machine, the service team at Farmer’s evaluates a machine to see if it can first be refurbished.  If it passes that inspection, then the process begins: it gets torn down to the frame, critical soft parts are replaced and more structural hardware gets worked over.  The result is a machine that can be re certified and resold.

If you want to talk to Greg or any of his team about putting your old copier out to pasture in return for a few bucks, then call 972-818-4500 or visit them at their website.

The Office Farmer