Client Testimonial: Larry Harper of Jostens

Wanting to step up his marketing efforts in the student ring business, Larry Harper needed an office solution that worked.

“The best way for us to engage our clients is with direct communication, ” Mr. Harper said.”We needed a way to customize our invoices with the actual pictures of the buyer’s purchase.  Internal printing resources allowed us to do that,” he continued.

The owner of Jostens in Plano, Texas, along with his wife, Grace, Mr. Harper turned to Greg Farmer and Farmer Business Systems to help him solve his printing and networking challenges.

“After searching out three or four dealers, I met Greg,” Mr. Harper said. “I went out thinking I was going to buy a copier, but ended up with so much more,”  he said.

“Greg did a great job of helping us define our needs,” Mr. Harper continued. Greg also streamlined the network in the office, reducing the number of printers and cleaning up the network, Mr. Harper related.

“Greg became more of a consultant than a provider of equipment.”

Along with his partner, One Call Service, Greg reduced the number and types (brands) of printers on Josten’s network of six computers.

“One Call did an awesome job,” Mr. Harper said.  He was particularly impressed with the after-sale service and support.

The Harpers are an independent contractor for Jostens.  Jostens is a provider of products, programs and services that help people tell their stories, celebrate important traditions and recognize achievements. The company’s products include school yearbooks and other memory book products, scholastic products such as class rings and graduation products, and products for athletic champions and their fans.

Thanks, Larry and Grace.

The Office Farmer