Communicating Clearly

Clear communication between your internal business team as well and with your customers will help you win and keep more business.

So says Susan Gifford.  Susan is an Account Executive for Farmer Business Systems and recently she spoke to our weekly sales meeting.

“Communications around a business deal takes many forms,” Susan said. “Most of what we do here at Farmer’s is aimed at and involves the customer.

“Nothing works without clear communication,” Susan said.

Susan told the group that there are a number of things that make up clear communication with a customer, starting with being clear in all you do and say, including:

  • Body language
  • Actions and promises
  • Dress
  • Tone of voice

From presentation to content, it all has to be clear and focused, she said.

“Understanding is also important and is often leveraged off communication,” Susan continued.  “Not only understanding and listening to the customer, but also knowing your product or offering,” she said.

Whateverthe direction you are coming from–either customer or as a service provider–you need to communicate clearly.

You can reach Susan and the other clear communicating team members at Farmer Business Systems at 972-818-4500.