Can you answer basic questions about your office systems?

So, you are planning on replacing that copier or printer in your office.  You’ve called the rep of the company you want to do business with and are ready for them to stop by.

Or are you really ready?

If your rep is really on top of things, they will ask you some critical, fact-finding type questions.  In this post we’ll discuss things you need to be ready to answer so your rep can come up with the best solution possible that will fit your specific needs of volume, output type and budget.

“So many times we come to visit customers and they can’t answer basic questions,” Greg Farmer said.  “Consequently, our initial meeting takes longer or might take two or three visits before we can actually come back with the best answer.”

Greg is the co-founder of Farmer Business Systems, the largest full-service Xerox dealer distributor in North Texas.

“It really will save you time if you can answer some basic questions,” Greg continued.

The short list of things to be able to answer includes:

  • What makes and models of printers do you currently have and how many?
  • Are you looking for similar units?
  • Do you anticipate any growth in your company?
  • How many users do you have and how many per machine do you have?
  • Do you need color?
  • What’s your current monthly volume?
  • Do you need to scan or email documents?
  • Will you be supporting mobile devices?

“These are just starting questions,” Greg said.  “But we have to start somewhere and these questions will lead to other questions and ultimately to the right answer for your business.”

Greg and the Farmer team can be found by calling 972-818-4500 or through their website.

The Office Farmer