Dirt is a problem

A variation on an old movie title–“dust never sleeps.”  Consequently, your copiers and printers are never safe from dust, dirt and contaminants.

So, when was the last time you cleaned your copier or printer cleaned?

“We see dirty copiers all the time,” Greg Farmer told us recently. “Whether it is a courtesy call to one of our existing clients or a walk-in call on a prospect, one of the first thing we offer to do is clean their machine,” he said.

“Dirt can stop a copier dead in its tracks.”

A dirty copier can cause all kinds of problems.  A spot on the glass shows up on the final image.  A scrape or spot of dirt on a drum shows up as a line on copies. Other issues cause copies to be not sharp and appear to be dirty, Greg told us.

So what does a cleaning entail? When Greg or one of his team members (most likely Thomas Lanier from the service department) stop by to visit a machine, they usually take these steps:

  1.   Clean all surfaces of the machine–the outside case, the glass, around back with an anti-static cleaner.
  2. Clean the drum of toner and paper particles.
  3. Clean the fuser with silicon oil.
  4. Vacuum out the interior of the machine.

While this list looks simple and could be a DIY job, it really should be done by a professional.  Your time is worth something and you might just get Greg or his team to offer to do it for free.

For more information on cleaning your machine, you can reach Greg, Thomas or any of the Farmer Business team at 972-818-4500 or visit their website.

The Office Farmer