Do you have a paper strategy?

Paper. We take it for granted, even in these days of the “paperless” office.

So, who cares about the details of paper?  Well, for one, you should.  Here’s why.

“One of the hottest topics with our customers is paper,” Greg Farmer said.  “While having a working and energy-efficient copier is important, we have found that most of our clients still don’t understand anything about the paper they put through their machines.”

Greg should know: as founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems, he has seen all kinds of issues with copiers and printers in his 25 years in the business.  Paper is at the top of the list.

“Many of our clients will purchase or lease very high-end machines,”Greg continued, “and then put the cheapest paper they can buy through it.  That’s a recipe for disaster.”

What do you need to know about paper?

  • Is it designed to go through a copier or printer?
  • What is the ideal weight or weight range for copiers to handle?
  • How are you storing your paper? Moisture is important when it comes to having good quality images on paper.
  • Do you know how to properly load paper into your machine?
  • Are you buying your paper from a trusted source?

paper color

“Not a lot of people know that Xerox is a great source for paper,” Greg said. “Of course, you think of copiers and printers, but Xerox has built a big part of its business success on packaging paper that goes through their machines–successfully.”

If you want to learn more about copiers, printers and the paper that passes through them, call Greg or any of his team at Farmer Business Systems at 972-818-4500.

The Business Farmer