Evaluating Your Office Systems

It is one thing to want a copier or multi-function printer for your office.  It is quite another to need one.

Did you do an assessment of your needs before you bought your last printers?

“We have found that the best thing we can do for our clients and prospects is to evaluate their current copier and printer,” Greg Farmer said.  “If we don’t know where you are currently, we can’t be sure of the best path to follow for you.”

Greg is the President and Founder of Farmer Business Systems, a full-service office equipment dealer powered by Xerox.

The kind of assessment that Greg and his team do is based upon finding out the following about a system that is already in place:

  • How many pages a month are printed?
  • How many of those pages are black and white and how many are color?
  • How many printers/copiers are being used by how many machines?  Are they networked or are they not?
  • What is currently being paid for supplies (paper, toner, replaceable parts)?
  • Is there a service contract in place and what services do you get for that contract and for how much?

“Once you know the answers to these questions, you will know what to recommend or do next,” Greg continued.  “The answers give us some flexibility in what we can offer to the customer.”

Those options could include making some, none or all of the following recommendations:

  • Adding or replacing existing printers.
  • Consolidating supply and service contracts.
  • Reducing or increasing the number of printers or including a multi-function machine in the mix.
  • Servicing existing machines and waiting for contracts to expire.

“Knowing more is better than not knowing anything,” Greg concluded. “Our mission is to provide the best options to our clients.

To contact Greg or any of the members of the Farmer Business Systems team, call 972-818-4500.

The Office Farmer