Farmer Business Systems Nominated for Award

Working hard and succeeding on your own terms is reward enough for many small business people.  But when your peers and the community recognize your hard work and success, that’s special.

Farmer Business Systems is proud to have been a nominee for the 2012 Business of the Year Award from the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce,” Greg Farmer said.  “It means a lot to us to have our friends and colleagues in the community take the time to recognize us.”

Greg is president and co-founder of Farmer Business Systems.

The North Dallas Chamber has recognized businesses over the past 20-some years with their business of the year program.  Nominations are made in the spring and an exhaustive evaluation and judging process goes on over the summer months.  As many as 20 companies are nominated and interviewed with a winner announced at a fall luncheon.  This year’s winner is Sendero Business Services.

“A great company and great team,” Dave Sykes said.  Dave is CEO of DSKW & Associates and the NDCC Business of the Year committee person who interviewed Greg and his team.  “Congratulations on your nomination,” Dave continued.

You can call Greg or any of his teammates at 972-818-4500 or reach them via their website.

The Office Farmer