Being a Full Office Solution Provider

Acquiring a replacement copier or printer isn’t just about the machine itself.  It is about how this device best fits into your systems and the work environment.

Kind of like not considering the size or type of replacement engine for a car.

“If the engine is too small, them the car is underpowered and struggles,” Greg Farmer said. “If it is too big, then gas mileage and overall performance suffer. You really have to look at the whole system.”

Greg is founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems, a full-service office equipment agency in Addison, Texas, specializing in Xerox products and services.

“When we talk with a client or prospect, we ask questions that help us understand their business and what their end results need to be,” Greg continued. “We may go so far as to replace all of the printers and copiers or just set up a supply contract with them on their existing machines.  With us, it is about the customer and what they actually need and have to have to be a functioning, productive business.”

This approach of looking at the client’s global needs has worked well for Greg.  In business since 1989, he has built his reputation on being the guy who asks questions of the client that results in the best answer for them.  For Greg, it’s not about selling.  It’s about providing the best products and services he can to his customers.

To talk with Greg or any of the Farmer team, call 972-818-4500 or visit the company website to learn more.

The Office Farmer