Full Service: from Order to Delivery to Repair

Few copier and printer equipment suppliers offer you full service.  We mean REALLY full service.

From the time you take the order through delivery through to the time the machine is old enough to be traded in on teh next model, that kind of service is hard to find.

“We pride ourselves on being a full-service company,” Greg Farmer said.  Greg is the founder and owner of Farmer Business Systems, one of the largest copier and printer dealers in North Texas.

“From the time a client steps into our complete showroom, our attention to them doesn’t let up just because they left with a machine,” Greg continued. “We’re proud to say we have over 100 service-only customers we help every month.”

When you decide to choose a copier or printer, consider how long you are going to have this relationship.  It’s more than a sale.

The Farmer Team