Get the Jumper Cables, the Printer is Down–Again

Did you ever feel like doing this?  Sometimes the speed isn’t there.  Or you’ve had a jam. Or it just didn’t get the signal.

So, before you apply the volts to your printer, take a look at what you have in place:

  • How many printers do you have networked to how many computers?
  • Do you have adequate electricity to the printer(s)?
  • Are all hard wired or are they wireless?  Or both?
  • How much are you spending on paper?
  • Which printer is the busiest? The least used?

You see what we’re getting at–it is not just the printer–you need to assess the whole system.  Ask a professional to do that.  Maybe you’ll find:

  • You can get away with fewer, higher quality printers.
  • Maybe you can streamline the network electronically and physically.
  • You have too many cables. What about wireless?

Check into having a system consultation done.

The Office Farmer