Got IT Services?

Ok, I got it: buy a printer or copier, bring it to my office and plug it in.  Viola.

Wait.  It’s not working.  How come my computer doesn’t “talk” to my new device? Why can’t I print in color? Why don’t I see the printer on my network?

“This happens a lot,”Abraham Rodriguez said.  Abraham is the IT (Information Technology) Manager for Farmer Business Systems.  And his business is built around connecting all those devices together so your business can function and thrive.

“Most copiers and printers don’t work right out of the box without some kind of network interaction,” Abraham continued.  “Many of our first time customers come to us because they either can’t make their existing machines talk to one another or they are looking for a way to create that complete systems to make their offices more efficient.”

Greg Farmer, founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems, saw the need for Abraham and his services before many did.

“We knew we had to include the ability to network our customers’ printers and copiers into their office systems quite some time ago,” Greg said. “There was a time when we came in, dropped off a machine and plugged it in.  But those days are long gone.  As the need for networking systems grew, so did the need for a full-time IT professional on our staff.  Enter Abraham.”

If you are in need of a networked printer or copier or any other office system, please call Greg, Abraham or any of the other Farmer Business Systems team members at 972-818-4500 or contact them through the website.

The Office Farmer