Greg’s Report from the Xerox Fusion Summit

Training and connecting with your business partners and peers can make a big difference in your business. When you get to meet others who are in your same business, suppliers to your business and people who interact withcustomers just like your, it can give your business the jolt it needs.

Just ask Greg Farmer.  His recent trip to the Fusion Summit had just this effect.

“Results come from having drive with focus,” Greg said.  “Getting together with my fellow dealers and the Xerox team has given me an extra energy.”

Xerox hosts the Fusion Summit on a regular basis for its dealers. This year’s edition took place in San Antonio.  Greg attends because he is an authorized Xerox dealer in North Texas.

“Xerox has made the relationship with their dealers their highest corporate priority,” Greg said. “That’s quite a statement when you think about how large Xerox is.”

Educational sessions, speakers and social activities build an interaction and rapport between Xerox management, executive and reps and their dealers.  Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, spoke at one session.

“I came away energized,” Greg said.  “I have a renewed sense of making my business better and more dynamic.”

“Results come from drive that is focused. Conferences like this help me focus my company direction like a laser.”

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