Just what is a refurbished printer?

Pre-owned, Used. Non-new. Second hand. Experienced. Refurbished.

What’s that last one?

“We refurbish and put back into service, previously used printers and copiers,” Greg Farmer said. “You can get more of a useful life out of an office machine if you prepare it right and take the care it needs to have a second life,” he said.

Printers and copiers are no strangers to Greg Farmer, the co-owner and founder of Farmer Business Systems, the leading Xerox and office equipment dealer in North Texas.  Farmer Business Systems is headquartered in Addison.

“When we bring a printer in off of lease or as a trade in, we take it down to the frame and clean it up,” Greg said.  Our intention is to put the unit back into service as quickly as we can and at a price that is attractive to our customers.”

Refurbishment, or refurb for short, is the process of cleaning up and servicing a printer or copier.  At Farmer’s the process is complete: the unit is stripped down to the frame and the following actions are taken:

  • All paper dust and debris are blown out of the unit and the frame and major components wiped down.
  • The drive train is inspected and any soft goods are replaced or updated.
  • Fusers, ink and/or toner and other  imaging systems are inspected and updated as needed.
  • Paper trays are pulled and cleaned and refilled.
  • All glass and exposed surfaces are cleaned and treated and repaired as needed.
  • All systems are tested and reviewed.

Once the machine has been completely prepared is it either listed on Farmer’s website or offered for sale or lease to a client. As an authorized Xerox, Samsung and Sharp dealer, Farmer has many options to choose from, Greg told us.

“Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process and help match you to the best machine for your needs,” Greg said.  Greg and his team can be reached at 972-818-4500 or through their website.

The Office Farmer