Letting the Specialist Do the Hard Work

We all have skills beyond the work we do.  Many attorneys are master woodworkers, for example.  A CPA might restore classic autos making her a great mechanic. That banker may be a fine artist. It’s great to have other skills.

But when it comes to maintaining your office, the best path to take is to let the experts take over.

“So many times by the time we get to a copier or printer in distress,” Greg Farmer told us recently, “the owner has taken a shot at doing the repair. Sometimes that makes more work for us.”

Greg is the co-owner and founder of Farmer Business Systems, North Texas’ premiere Xerox dealer based in Addison.

“At the first sign of trouble with your copier or printer, call us,” Greg continued. “It will save you a lot of trouble.”

Sure, there are things you can do: paper jams, changing toner and basic clean up can all be done by the user.  But bigger problems–usually noted by codes that flash on the control panel–should be handled by the professionals.

“We have all kinds of plans for our customers,” Greg said.” There are many ways to support and service your printers and the cost is relatively low.  Think what you will be losing for every hour your printer is down.”

You can reach Greg or the other members of the Farmer Business team at 972-818-4500 or through the website.

The Business Farmer