Meet Our Service Department

After-sale service, as we see it, is far more important than the initial sale.  And we have the staff to prove it.

Buying or leasing a copier or multi-function printer is a big proposition for most small businesses. Having it show up at your business is a big step–one that could make you feel like that step is off a cliff after the installer leaves.

“I am so proud of the work and effort our service team delivers,” Greg Farmer said.  Greg is president of Farmer Business Systems and he should know–he goes out on many of those calls with his team.

“We have a complete team,” Greg continued. From installation to network set up to ongoing service support, we are there for our customers.”

The team at Farmer’s starts with Thomas Lanier.  Thomas is the guy who comes out and assesses an office situation even before the machine arrives.  He is there when it arrives and he gets it up and running the first time.

“Thomas knows the installation process very thoroughly,” Greg said. “Once it is installed, it is installed correctly.”

If you have a network that the machine or machines are plugging into, then you’ll see Wes Flores.  Wes is an experienced computer networking specialist, having worked on systems for over 20 years, much of it as an internal IT manager.

“Wes knows Mac as well as PC and leaves little to chance for our clients,” Greg said.

Support doesn’t stop with delivery. Thomas or one of his team members (Mike Vaughn or Craig Collins)  will be back periodically to ensure maintenance is kept up with and the client has little to worry about other than their own productivity.

“Downtime is the enemy of productivity and profitability in a business,’ Greg said.  “Thomas, Craig and Mike  keep all the balls in the air for our customers.”

Having a complete support team after the sale is critical to the success of your office equipment purchase or lease.  Visit for more information.

The Office Farmer