Meeting the Customer Directly: Renaissance Tower

Back in February, we were fortunate to be able to partner with the management of Renaissance Tower in Downtown Dallas.  It was a great event for us and for our visitors.

The management of the Tower loaned us a space on the concourse in the subterranean tunnels below the Tower.  Held over three days, including Valentine’s Day, this event gave us the opportunity to meet with tenants of the Tower and nearby buildings.  We were able to show off our latest Color Qube technology printers and shake hands with people we had only spoken with previously on the phone.

“This event was a great example of cooperation,” Greg Farmer said.  greg is founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems, an office equipment supplier powered by Xerox and based in nearby Addison.

“We have known the Tower management team for over a year,” Greg continued. “It really was their idea to have us set up in the concourse.”

But that relationship and offer were only the beginning.  Farmer team members Susan Villarreal and Joyce Green wrote and rehearsed customer scenarios, outfitted the team with matching shirts and arranged to have the equipment delivered and set up in the space.  They also promoted the event on the company Facebook page and through LinkedIn.  Flyers and other media were prepared as giveaways.

Over the course of the three days, the team saw, talked and interacted with dozens of tenants and business people.  Why is this being reported now? Farmer reports that they just closed a very large lease deal in the building, a 5-year lease of two machines.  Several other deals are close.

Patience on both sides paid off.  And all with a simple get together around lunch time a few months back.

The Office Farmer