Mobile technology and your office systems

Chances are if you are in business today, you are doing more and work from mobile devices.

Are your printers and copiers ready for this onslaught of interaction with your staffs’ mobile devices?

“By far and away the largest number of requests we have when it comes to configuring new printers for clients are related to mobile devices,” Greg Farmer said.

Greg is the co-founder of Farmer Business Systems in Addison.  And he should know–people have been coming to him for over 20 years with their printing technology concerns.

“With the advent of mobile devices, sales people and others representing companies have had to become more mobile to serve their customers,”Greg said. There are a number of questions Greg asks his customers as they prepare to install the latest copiers and printers in their business:

  • How many mobile users do you have?
  • Are they phone-based, tablet-based or using remote access on their laptops?
  • Will they be printing or emailing files from the office or from remote sites?
  • What operating systems do they have?
  • Are the mobile devices owned by the company or employee?

“Having the answers to these questions before you choose and install a printer will save a significant amount of time,” Greg added. “The more we know ahead of time, the better.”

You can reach Greg or any of the Farmer team members at 972-818-4500 or through the website.

The Office Farmer