Multifunction office machines

They are known by many names: all-in-ones, fax-copiers, multis.  But at the heart of it they are all the same: one office machine that does it all.  Facsimile transmission, copies, printer, scanner.  Great thing to have all in one place, right?

Well, there are pluses and minuses.  First the pluses:

  • One machine with one footprint.
  • One set of supplies (ink or toner, paper, fusers and parts).
  • One service guy to deal with.

The minuses:

  • Reliability.  Asking one machine to do everything puts a strain on it.
  • Downtime.  If one function is down, even if the other functions are up, the machie could be down.
  • Ability to multitask.  If someone is copying, can someone else scan or print or send a fax?

Then there is brand and reputation, Xerox, Samsung, Brother, HP.  All of the big gys make these machines with a wide variety of options in terms of dealers.  Choose a dealer you know, like and can do business with comfortably.

The Business Farmer