Office Lighting

In the world of office space, a huge consideration is lighting. Why are we talking about lighting? Because your office environment is made up of many things and for you and your staff to be most productive in your office, besides the equipment you might use, you must also consider:

  • Lighting
  • Noise
  • Temperature
  • Air quality
  • Furniture and equipment

Let’s start with lighting.  Lighting has a significant impact on the whole environment from productivity to long-term health of the staff to energy and other considerations. There are basic guidelines you need to consider as you plan your office space.  A study by the University of Sidney came up with these general guidelines on lighting:

  • Lighting in general areas of 300 to 400 LUX (lumens per square meter) for ordinary tasks
  • Keeping fixtures and lamps clean
  • Aiming and positioning monitors and lights for maximum comfort and reduced glare
  • Using anti-glare screens and filters

To read the whole study, go to

Thanks for considering your environment.

The Office Farmer