Office Machines are like Motorcycles

In the world of office systems and machines, there are many comparisons to make.

Let’s compare them to motorcycles. Seriously.

Office machines like your PC, the copier, the scanners and printers have a lot in common with a motorcycle.  Consider that both systems need:

  • Daily attention.
  • Regular, professional maintenance for long-term care.
  • To have their capabilities tested to their limits.

Every day, you pay attention to these things.  The bike gets ridden, you put gasoline in it, check the oil and wipe it down and park it at the end of the day.

The office system gets booted up, daily tasks performed, paper installed, diagnostics run and then the backups are done and the system shut down or put to sleep at the end of your shift.

The bike gets its mileage-driven oil change and gets to the dealer to get major systems checked monthly or quarterly.

Your office systems get regular (monthly or quarterly) shakedowns, platens and cables switched out, ink reservoirs cleaned and refilled, and torn down and cleaned.

The bike gets a trip to the track on some weekends—the tach revved to redline, the tires tested to their limits and the driver’s nerve tested at its max going for that hot turn.

That big project comes along that requires the max throughput and demands perfection.  Heat is created and jams are cleared and the job gets done.

If you choose your system (or bike) carefully before your buy or lease by doing research and assessing your needs both will come through for you.  Just keep up with their care.

The Office Farmer