Our Team at Work: The Sales Team

Just about the time you think there isn’t anything new to sell, along comes a sales person with a new offering that is the right thing for your business situation.

“We are constantly on the lookout for new machines and equipment that can be adapted to various situations,” Taylor Farmer said. “We can save a company serious cash and make a huge impact on the bottom line of a company.”Taylor Farmer portrait

Taylor should know. As Relationship Manager for Farmer Business Systems, she is in almost constant contact with the company’s customers. And she is making new contacts daily, along with the rest of the sales force.

“The more we know about a prospective customer and their company, the more we can find the right solution for them,” Taylor continued.

“For example, the new Xerox WC5845 sells for over $16,000 but we can have it delivered to the right client for a little over $230 a month for 3 years,” she continued. The WC can be seen in the show room or brought out for demo.

You can reach Taylor or any of the Farmer team by calling 972-818-4500 or through the website.

The Office Farmer