Our Team at Work: The Service Team at Work

When it comes to service, being on top of things is important. Thinking ahead gets things under control and keeps customers out of trouble.

Just ask Craig Collins.

“The Farmer service team is dedicated to our customers,” Craig said. “As a team we meet first thing every morning in the shop to discuss details of how we can support one another.”service cartoon

Craig is a service team leader and out on calls regularly meeting with customers and solving problems in the field.

“We work well as a unit,” Craig continued. “Ultimately our customers benefit from our service team’s dedication to detail.

Whether it is field service or work done in the shop in Farmer’s Branch, the work is still diligently thought through, the result is the same: reliable and flawless service.

You can reach Craig or any of the Farmer team by calling 972-818-4500 or through the website.

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