Plain Facts and Copiers

Sometimes you just want the facts to make a decision.  It really makes things more direct and easier.  That’s all that Chris Paul, owner and founder of LaPaul Partners wanted when it came to his office copiers.

“I owned a Xerox copier and the technician actually broke it,” Chris told us recently.  “When Greg came out to review my situation, he came up with a good solution quickly.”

Greg is Greg Farmer of Farmer Business Systems, North Texas’ premier Xerox dealer.

“I stumbled upon Greg, actually,” Chris said. “I drove up to his office without an appointment.  We talked about my business and options and he gave me a proposal.”

Having been in business for 25 years, Chris knows a business person when he meets them.

“Greg has two character traits that I admire: he is knowledgeable of his products and services and then he does what he said he would do,” Chris said. “And he speaks plainly and factually.”

“Chris came to us wanting to buy a copier,” Greg said. “He ended up with a 3-year lease because the technology he needs for his business changes so quickly he needed to be able to keep up,” Greg said.

You can find Greg and his team by calling 972-818-4500 or on their website.

The Business Farmer