The Power of Networking

It doesn’t take much: a little time out of the office, some effort in talking with people, collecting business cards and following up.

But networking can pay off big.

“I’ll have to say we’ve met most of our new clients though our existing clients or networking groups,” Greg Farmer said.  Greg is the founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems, the largest Xerox dealer in North Texas. And he should know.

A member of several Chambers of Commerce and networking groups, Greg also encourages his account reps to spend time out of the office or on the phone with clients and prospects.

“By staying sharp with our existing clients, we can find the next, new client,” Greg continued.  “The strength of our offering is in our quality of service and the attention we pay to those people needing and wanting our services.”

Greg’s clients range from law firms to foundation service companies to financial institutions to those aforementioned Chambers of Commerce.  Farmer’s services ranges from simple printer installations to complex networked printer-copier systems linked via LAN to office computers.

“We found almost all of our clients from referrals from existing clients,” Greg said. “The rest came from cold calls when we go out and clean potential customer’s machines for free.”

If you are in need of printer or copier services or already are a customer of Greg and Farmer Business Systems, we’d like to hear from you.  Call Farmer Business Systems at 972-818-4500 or visit our website and drop us a line.

The Office Farmer