Powered–Make that Energized–By Xerox

When it comes to brand power, business people are always looking for ways to increase theirs.  In the copier and printer world, there are few brands–if any–as powerful as Xerox.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Farmer Business Systems is Powered By Xerox and proud of it,” Greg Farmer said.  Greg is the founder and co-owner, along with wife, Gloria, of Farmer Business Systems, the largest and most successful Xerox dealer in North Texas.

“I don’t take our ties to Xerox lightly and neither do our customers,” Greg continued.  “We owe a lot of our success to the support of Xerox and the demand of their products by our customer base.”

Local and regional Xerox executives echo that sentiment.  Kim Hart, North American Reseller Sales Channel Business Manager at Xerox, put it this way:

“Greg Farmer mirrors how we do business: he puts his clients first.”

Farmer Business Systems’ relationship with Xerox works both ways: Xerox supports Greg with the altest in products, services and support; Greg delivers satisfied customers to the Xerox brand.

That is how translating and transferring a brand can work.

To reach Greg or any of his team at Farmer Business Systems, call 972-818-4500 or contact them through their website.

The Office Farmer