Prepping for a New Copier or Printer: Doing it the “Not Easy” Way

When you install a new copier or printer in your office there is an easy way of doing it and a “not easy” way of doing it.

The easy way is rolling up, moving the old machine aside and pushing the new one in place.  Plug it into the cables that are there and away you go.

Not so fast.

“You’ve seen that “Easy Button” that our friends at Staples use?” Greg Farmer told us recently.  “Well, we recommned using the “Not Easy Button” when it comes to copier installation.”

Greg is the president and founder of Farmer Business Systems in Addison, Texas.

Greg went on to describe a recent installation for a new customer.  While it wasn’t the easy way to install a machine, it certainly was the correct way.

“If you have processes in place and approach things in a planned and calculated way,” Greg said,” then the installation gose more smoothly.  And the user will not see you as often on not-so-good terms.”

According to Greg, the things to watch for when your copier or printer is delivered:

  • The space needs to be vacuumed and dusted after the old machine comes out and before teh new machine is rolled in.
  • All of the cables (power, network, fax) should be inspected and replaced, if necessary.  Then they should be rolled or bound to keep them neat and orderly.
  • IP addresses and other network protocols should be updated and aligned with the new machine.
  • Note the proximity of shredders and other dust-emitting devices.  Dust is a huge enemy of proper printer function. Move them across the room if you can.
  • Set up the server appropriately.  Do scans go to the inbox or are they kept on the server?
  • Make sure the machine is placed in the best location relative to the wall and sides.  It has to breathe and the wall shouldn’t be marred.

Don’t take the easy way out, consider taking more time and making it a bit harder–but done correctly.

For more information on how to install and manage your office equipment, contact Greg or one of the other professionals on his team at Farmer Business Systems, 972-818-4500.

The Office Farmer