Printer and Copier Security Systems

The times have changed quite a bit since you had to use an auditron key to access the office copier back in the 80s.

You remember those clunky things?  A gray box about the size of today’s average smart phone with a set of plug-in contacts on one end and a spinning, odometer-type counter on the other end.  You walked up to the copier, plugged in the auditron and began making copies.  It controlled who could access the copier and even allowed you to count the number of copies they made.

These days an access card that does everything from let you in the building to turning on the lights also gives you access to the copier and office systems.  More than likely it is a code rather than a fingerprint scanner.

In any case, access and security are big concerns in today’s office.   Some things to consider in your office as you define your printer and copier strategy.

  • Hard drives and memory.  Did you know that most copiers and many printers have a hard drive in them?  The drives are intended to help remember key repetitive information.  However, when you go to decommission the device, be sure and ask or have the drive wiped clean or removed (uninstalled) from the machine.
  • Passwords and user names. Change them often and limit access to only those who need to know.
  • Building access.  It used to be you provided your employees with keys to the office so they could have access to their offices and their work.  With security and trust being such issues in the workplace any more, the “key to the office” has become a very sophisticated item.

You need to consider many things as you work to secure your office and ultimately your business.

The Business Farmer