Printer & Copier Terminology

There are lots of terms being used in relation to your printers and copiers that need some clarification.

In this post we cover a few that need to be spelled out and put into context. We will cover more and a diverse list in future posts.

  • ADH.  Automatic document handler; a critical part of the copier/printer system.
  • Toner.  Otherwise know as ink.  In laser-type machines, toner is the powder that is fused onto teh paper in teh image form.
  • Duplex.  Front-to-back or multiple-page printing.
  • Multifunction machine.  Copier/fax/scanner/printer capabilities all in one device.
  • Platen. The surface on which the image of a copy or print si passed before being fused onto the paper.
  • Paper basis.  The weight (20 pound or similar).  Usually calculated as a weight of a cut sheet size in a specific number of sheets.
  • Laser printer.  Most common printer/copier type in today’s office. Uses electrostatic charges, dry ink and plain paper to make an image.
  • Solid ink.  A technology sold by Xerox that relies on few moving parts and direct ink fusion to paper.
  • Network cable.  The USB, serial or other cable between your pritner and computer.  Wireless systems are making these obsolete.

Yes, there are more.   Do you have some to share?