Protecting Your Investment in Office Equipment

You’ve made a significant investment in your office–furniture, computers, networks, servers, phones….and printers.

What will you do if–make that when–a repair or other issue comes up with any or all of these systems?

The best option is the preventive one: buy a new, well-reviewed machine from a reputable dealer with a service contract.  That way you are guaranteed not to be left high and dry when downtimes come.  If you can’t afford new equipment, consider professionally reconditioned equipment with service contract support.

If you have  existing equipment, consider service contracts.  Get to know your office equipment dealer just as you’ve gotten to know your auto mechanic.  That relationship will save you time, money and heartache over time.  A reputable dealer will get to know your office environment and make suggestions as well as help you fine-tune your processes.  Most are more than salespeople and really understand the environment as well as the marketplace. Make your dealer your partner and his network will become your network.

And, lastly, if you do nothing else, maintain your equipment.  You wouldn’t think of skipping an oil change in your car would you?

The Office Farmer