Protecting Your Print Supplies from Theft


It is becoming more common for companies to contract out non-core work. Companies seek a professional team for services they expertise in for better productivity and efficiency.

With more hands in the bucket you are more vulnerable to theft. There are more people in and out of the office. This is why it is crucial to hire a professional, well-accredited service provider.

Print service suppliers are usually among the services that is outsourced out. The print suppliers routinely check the maintenance of your equipment and restock cartridges when low. The supplier stocks the ink cartridges in house until the business needs more cartridges. The supplier also tracks usage and analyzes inventory to ensure there is nothing missing.

Ink cartridges are a popular item on the black market. Costing up to $300ea, it’s not a cheap expense for a business. Making sure your ink cartridges are not on public display or in a spot that is accessible to everyone is important.

When you work with a printer service supplier, the supplier houses all the supplies until it is time to replace. For a company this means they can reduce the risk of theft by outsourcing a trustworthy supplier that can safely house supplies.

Another way to prevent theft is to store extra supplies in a secure location that only designated persons have access to. Keep a list of supplies on hand so you can see what is going in and out at all times.

Though the cost of printing supplies is not going to make or break a company, it is still a cost no one wants to inquire due to theft.

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