Rent, Buy or Trade?

windowWhen it comes to your office copier or printer, you lots of options when it comes to acquiring and using one.

“If you can’t afford to outright buy or lease a machine, there are other options,”Greg Farmer said recently. “We have rental programs, we take trades and we’ll even buy your old machines.”

Greg is founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems in Addison.  They are the premier Xerox dealer in North Texas and also deal in Samsung and Sharp products.

To make his point about these options, Greg recently added signage to his business along busy Beltline Road in Addison.

“Sometimes the best way to reach a potential customer is when they are considering other things,” Greg said. “We’ve had a few calls and walk ins from the sign.  It just goes to show you that business is alive and well in North Texas and people are looking at lots of options when it comes to their office equipment need,” he said.

We’ll cover each of these options in greater detail in future posts.  for now, give Greg or one of his team a call at 972-818-4500.

The Office Farmer