Save Money on Color Freedom

Competitive Edge

  • Lowest cost color – one box of color ink costs less than half of comparable color multifunction printer cartridges
  • Cartridge-free design means loading ink is as easy as loading a stapler – no other multifunction printer can make that claim
  • Unique solid ink color technology is only offered by Xerox
  • Better for the environment with 90% less waste generated compared to typical color laser technology
  • Truer, more saturated color that is remarkably consistent on virtually any media compared to laser and inkjet
  • Easier to install on the network than competitive products
  • Small solid ink packages conserve storage space compared to bulky toner cartridges
  • Faster to first page than competitive products with a first-page-out time of as fast as 6 seconds in color
Cost-Saving Features

  • Color for black-and-white prices so you can afford to print all your documents in attention-grabbing color
  • The print volume advantage: If you print at least four reams of paper each month, the Phaser 8860MFP will deliver a color cost that’s the best deal going
  • Create better documents when they’re in color – more sales, better retention, higher response rates, and fewer mistakes
  • Save on shipping costs due to the smaller solid ink packages compared to toner
  • Reduce operating costs and service calls by owning one device instead of four
  • Print jobs in-house with confidence instead of sending them out to commercial printers or quick copy shops – saving time and money
  • Save office space with solid ink packages that are small enough to fit in a desk drawer
  • Save paper with two-sided copying, printing, and even faxing
  • Walk-up fax includes JBIG compression for fast transmissions and lower long-distance charges
  • Fax directly from your desktop with LAN Fax feature and save time and paper
  • N-up feature prints multiple pages on a single sheet, saving paper, ink, and money