Service, Service, Service

Thomas and Mike are not your typical copier service guys. Oh, sure, they deal in roller and fusers and drums, but they do something that few service people in this business do:

They know how to talk to the customer. And they listen, too.

“Thomas and I spent a lot of time talking with customers,” Mike Vaughan told us recently. “ Mike is a service tech at Farmer Business Systems and Thomas is Thomas Lanier who works side-by-side with Mike at Farmer.

“While I have years of experience working directly with customers, it is Thomas who is out in the field solving their problems in real time,” Mike said.  “I am back here in the shop, repairing and rebuilding machines and answering questions over the phone while Thomas clocks lots of road miles.”

Thomas and Mike are a solid team.  In 2011 alone, they have serviced hundreds of copiers and printers throughout North Texas.  According to Greg Farmer, co-owner and founder of Farmer Business Systems, they are right where he needs them.

“Without my service team, our company wouldn’t be able to help our customers be productive or run their businesses efficiently,” Greg said.  Thomas and Mike are our first line of defense when it comes to supporting our customers.”

“Thomas logs hundreds of miles each week taking parts to client sites and doing repairs,” Greg continued. “And Mike makes sure that the machines we have in the shop are turned around in record time so that customers aren’t without their equipment.”

You can reach Thomas, Mike or Greg or any of the Farmer Business Systems team at 972-818-4500 or on the web at

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