Donald Brandly, Operations Manager

Ask Donald Brandly what makes a successful business and chances are he will answer “speed and strategy.”

“My game is tennis,” Donald said. “To be a successful tennis player, you have to be able to visualize where the ball will be two or three volleys from now,” he said. “It’s the same in business—you have to anticipate what your customer is going to want and then quickly respond.”

Donald is responsible for the operations side of the company.

“Pricing, ordering supplies and going out on installations are all a part of my job,” Donald said.

Donald came to Farmer from Xerox Corporate after a 12-year career and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business from Grambling State University.

“I enjoy people,” Donald told us. “At Xerox I was responsible for dealer management for most of the U.S.”

“He’s not kidding about liking people,” Greg Farmer said. “He listens and has tremendous patience,” Greg said. “Donald is a key to our success.”