Thomas Lanier, Senior Copier Specialist

Sometimes the first person asked for by existing customers of Farmer Business Systems is Thomas Lanier.

No he’s not the owner.  Nope, he’s not a sales guy.  Thomas is the one person almost indispensible to a customer when their machine is down.

Thomas is our Service Manager.

Really?  They ask for the service manager?

“Yes, they do,” Greg said.  “Our customers know that if they want their machine up and running quickly and without hassle, they ask for Thomas.”

“I’ve made calls on Saturday afternoons,” Thomas said. “If it is important to our customers, it is important to me.”

Thomas has over 20 years’ experience in the copier and office equipment business.  If it makes a print, holds ink or does something to make an office run smoothly, chances are Thomas has repaired it or rebuilt it.