The Best Color Copiers for Business

What are the best color copiers for business? are they xerox color copiers? are they Sharp color copiers? Expensive models, mid range, solid ink?

Unfortunately there is no one product that is best for all businesses, with such a variety or products with features and price differing greatly small businesses and larger businesses may have completely different needs when it comes to their color copiers and multifunction devices

Some of the differences in products that may help limit your decision on what color copier to choose

  1. pages per minute, how many pages a printer can print or a scanner can scan per minute
  2. price point of product
  3. solid ink or not, solid ink is great for the environment and your wallet! Find out more.
  4. availability of finishers
  5. cost per page, this means what it cost to print a black and white page, and a color page.

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