The Enemies of Your Printers and Copiers

The copiers and printers we are using every day–and have come to rely upon–can fail even with the best of care. That’s way you need to be aware of the “enemies” of your office imaging systems. Here’s a short list:

  • Dust
  • Moisture
  • Heat
  • Overuse
  • Physical abuse

Dust is tops on the list because everything from the glass to the imaging surface to the outside surfaces of the copier or printer is impacted by dust.  Dust on the glass leaves spots on your image.  Dust on the imaging surface inside the machine) shows up as spots and mars on every image produced by the machine.

Moisture (leaking water, spills) can short out the electrical system of the machine.

Heat (or overheating) causes the machine to either not give you the best image or it can trip a breaker and actually shut itself down.

Overuse–making too many copies or prints–wears parts down sooner and reduces the quality of the output.

Physical abuse is just that–slamming doors and document handlers doesn’t cure anything.  In fact, glass can be broken and hinges deemed unworkable.  Be gentle.

For more information and help with the servicing of your copiers or printers, please contact Farmer Business Systems.

The Business Farmer