The Green Office: An Overview

There really isn’t an excuse for not being “green” or environmentally sound with how you conduct business in your office these days.  While lots of talk is going on about this topic, in this post the Office Farmer is going to give you an overview of some concrete ideas on how to actually practice “being green” in the office.

Consider that there are a number of areas in which you can improve or change your practices:

  • The supplies you choose and use.
  • Which printers you choose and use.
  • Computer choices and practices.
  • Lighting options.
  • The heating and air conditioning in your space.

In subsequent posts, we’ll go into detail about ideas in each of these categories. From the paper you choose to keeping computers and printers turned on, just what are the best things to do to save the planet and keep your costs under control.

Next time: supplies.

The Office Farmer