The People Who Work Here: Gloria Farmer, Operations Manager and Co-Owner

To Gloria Farmer, managing the operations of a company is like driving the boat.

“When everybody else is on the wake boards or water skiis, I’m behind the wheel,” Gloria said. “I’m having just as much fun, but it looks like work.”

“It isn’t to me.”

Gloria is the voice you hear when you call into Farmer Business Systems.  She is also the co-owner with her husband, Greg, and responsible for the billing and key account relationships. As the premier Xerox dealer in North Texas, Farmer Business Systems requires a lot of attention to detail when it comes to customer service.

“Our billing processes have to run seamlessly,” Gloria said. “We make sure our customers are taken care of and there are no glitches in their payment or billing processes.”

The Dallas native knows all about processes.  A veteran of the banking and savings and loan industries, Gloria has a wealth of experience in administrative details.

“Gloria really does drive the boat of everyday details,” said her husband and business partner, Greg Farmer. “Our company runs well because of Gloria.”

You can find Gloria and the other office equipment professionals at Farmer Business Systems by calling 972-818-4500 or by visiting

The Office Farmer