The People Who Work Here: Greg Farmer

When you start your business with one copy machine and a toolbox in your garage, you learn how to make the customer feel real important real fast.

So it is with Greg Farmer.  The former US Marine started his business with a copier he’d been given and his own tools.  Armed only with his inner drive and faith, Greg grew to be the premier Xerox dealer in North Texas.

“Back then, I was a lot like ‘one riot, one Ranger,’ when it came to solving the problems of my first customers,” Greg said.  “Our business literally started in our garage and grew to what it is today.”

Greg is president and founder of Farmer Business Systems.

When clients would call for help in repairing or replacing their copiers back in the early 1990s, it was Greg who arrived with toolbox in hand to solve the problem and get them back up and running.

“I still supervise installations and deliveries,” Greg said.  “However, I am very fortunate these days to have one of the best sales and installation teams in the country.” Farmer Business Systems is the only Xerox dealer in North Texas where you can see a number of operating products and get an actual demonstration.  Their showroom is always busy.

“Gloria and I are very fortunate to have been able to grow our business the way we have,” Greg said.  “Thanks to the efforts of our family, coworkers and corporate support, we are proud to be powered by Xerox,” Greg said

You can reach Greg and the other professionals at Farmer at 972-818-4500.

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