The Real Cost of Your Office Printer

Everybody worries about the cost to obtain a printer.  We all have some sort of “sticker shock” when it comes to the purchase or lease price of a printer.

But the real cost isn’t in acquiring the device, it is tis care and feeding during its life in your office.

This care and feeding includes paper, ink, maintenance, repair and updates. Throw in downtime as a cost and you may have a larger cost over a 3- to 5-year use of the machine than you would in the initial outlay for the purchase.

So, as you would with an automobile, consider an alternative that many suppliers are offering: free use of the printer with a cost-per-page or cost-per-month service and supply package.

This allows the printer user to concentrate on the output rather than the machine itself.  The supplier keeps up with teh maintenance and supply purchases and deliveries.  The user also benefits with a consistent fee each month (as you do with your utility bill and year-long averaging of that bill).

So, when you are considering replacing your printer, think of all of your options.

The Office Farmer